Ayoura, everything starts with dancing.

Creation of a dance line "Orient-Occident", Made in France.

To feel comfortable in your body and to be in perfect harmony between gesture and space.

Ideal to perform on a stage or like a casual dress, for a chic evening or special events.

Its elegant  and refined outfits are presented in a ceremony of intense colors.

Ayoura, to be beautiful without revealing, just to sense.

At the height of your femininity.

When dance is entered in my life...

Hayat HARCHI, créatrice Ayoura, ligne de vêtements de danse orientale (Orient-Occident)

The oriental dance is translated by several expressions: grace, refinement, relaxation of body and mind , comfort of the gesture, …

An exceptional meeting, this style of dance appeases me and leads me to go further in my choreographic research "Oriental - Occidental".

A fascinating story, a dance that evolves without losing its origin, a call to creation.

Expression of a new form of scenic dance I had the honour to be labelled "first dancer choreographer specialized in oriental dance" at the occasion of the "European Year 2008, intercultural dialogue" by the Ministry of French culture and communication and European Commission.

My creations are presented among others at the Institute of the Arab World, in Paris.

The Ayoura catalog

Oriental dance outfit. The oriental tunic.

the Tunics

Oriental dance clothing. The oriental skirt light and fluid.

the Skirts

Oriental dance clothing. The dress is low-cut and decorated with gold or silver stripes.

the Dresses

Oriental dance veil, worn as a scarf or stole.

the Sails

Oriental dance clothes. Tailored.

the Tailor-made

Oriental dance outfits. Limited series “Oriental-Occidental”

Limited series

The workshop

Atelier de couture Ayoura
Atelier de couture Ayoura, vêtements de danse orientale sur-mesure
Atelier de couture Ayoura, tuniques, robes, voiles, jupes de danse orientales

"AYOURA"’s standard of quality highlights the line of the women’s body through many creations. It is based on carefully thought out and rigorous manufacturing processes. The choice of fabrics, textures, colours and details of the finishes sign the know-how "AYOURA".

Our workshop perfectly masters the art of tailor-made, adapts itself to the imaginary of the demand by taking up the challenge of the realization.A great technical and artistic know-how,

The guarantee of a quality product "MADE IN FRANCE"